Brand Profile

Wonderforce is a Hong Kong based production house for designing, developing and manufacturing high end collectible and props to the worldwide markets.

Co-founded by 2 passionate saber lovers, established as a new startup in 2017, the company was brought to life from a kickstarter project with massive support from fans worldwide.

Saber Designs


Wonderforce Hitoren by Saber Source

The one that started it all. Duel-ready battle saber ergonomically designed for duels.

Starts at Php5,900


Wonderforce Fubuki by Saber Source

Duel-ready flow saber with a sleek thin-hilt design.

Starts at Php5,500


Wonderforce Hiryu

Thin-neck RGB saber that is great for trooping. Comes with a leather wrap and a built-in covertec wheel.

Priced at Php11,500


Wonderforce Dueler by Saber Source

The Dueler is your everyday beater saber. Sturdy construction and with quality electronics, you can't go wrong!

Tri-Cree RGB saber with Asteria Soundboard

Priced at 12,300


Wonderforce Flextana by Saber Source

A mash-up of the iconic Graflex lightsaber hilt with a form factor similar to a Japanese katana, the Flextana is a lightsaber fan's dream come true of COMFORTABLY wielding a Graflex lightsaber!

Tri-Cree RGB saber with Asteria Soundboard

Priced at Php15,200