Brand Profile

Sabertrio is a saber manufacturer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their goal is to be an accessible platform for everyone to easily acquire a fully functioning illuminated saber that has been customized to the customer's preferences. Sabertrio aims to do this with high quality components, good craftsmanship and original saber designs. More so, they strive to offer these through quick deliveries, excellent customer service and ultimately, at a fair price.

Saber Designs


Sabertrio Arclyte by Saber Source

Sabertrio's first design. Great for spins and strikes. Makes for a good saber staff when coupled with another Arclyte hilt.

Starts at Php6,500


Sabertrio Skylar by Saber Source

The slanted emitter and strategically placed choke point makes this both aesthetically pleasing and functional as well.

Starts at Php9,000


Sabertrio Aeryn by Saber Source

The iconic thin-neck design harkens back to the sabers of the original trilogy. Beautiful design and robust quality.

Starts at Php10,500


Sabertrio Vahlken by Saber Source

Sixteen windows within the hexagonal emitter, deep blade socket depth, Revan-esque inspired pommel, and the thinnest design to date.

Starts at P10,500