A long time ago... Well, not really.

Russell Yao - Saber Source

Saber Source, as a concept, started when John Russell Yao got his first lightsaber (a ForceFX Luke ANH) in January 2017. Around that time, Russell also discovered a thriving community of Star Wars fans who have the same, if not greater, passion as he does, which inspired him to learn more about duel-grade lightsabers.

With this newfound love for the community, he started Saber Source, his passion project, and decided to help the community grow by making custom sabers more accessible to everyone, enabling fans to acquire sabers easier, and providing service support for the community as well.

Saber Source is now an established presence in the Philippine Star Wars community, with multiple international partners in Asia and in the US. It caters to customers all over the Philippines and internationally as well.

A certain point of view.


The vision is to be the most trusted source for all retail custom, movie-inspired, and replica lightsabers in the Philippines!

The mission is to provide Star Wars fans with access to duel-grade custom sabers which are of great quality and value for money, and provide unparalleled after-sales service including parts, repairs and upgrades of lightsabers.  

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